A major benefit of using Rize is tracking the number of hours you spend working each day. Work Hours is calculated by summing all the time you spend Meeting, Focus, and Break Sessions as well as any additional time spent in work categories.


Excluding Time from Work Hours

All categories are considered work categories by default except Entertainment, Social Media, and Personal. Go to Settings > General > Exclude from Work Hours, to add or remove categories from Work Hours.

settings work hours.png

Setting Target Work Hours

You can set a target number of hours to work each day in Rize. When you reach that target number, Rize will send you a notification. The default target work hours is 8 hours. You can update that value by heading to your Settings > Notifications > Work Hours.

work hours notif.png

Work Hours by Week

You can easily see the number of hours you work per week in your Week view. In your Month view, you can see the average number of hours you worked for each week in that month.

workhours week.png

Week view

workhours month.png

Month view