At its core, Rize is a time tracker that works by categorizing the time you spend on different apps and websites. By default, Rize will track all apps and websites you visit on your computer, except if you're in Incognito Mode on your browser. Scroll down to Supported Browsers to see what browsers support website categorization in Rize.

Miscellaneous and Uncategorized

Rize comes with predefined categories for popular apps and websites. If an app or website is not included in our predefine categorization rules, it will be categorized as Miscellaneous. After you spend at least 10 minutes in a Miscellaneous app or website, Rize will automatically recategorize it as Uncategorized.

We recommend taking the time to categorize everything in Uncategorized and not worrying about categorizing apps and websites in Miscellaneous. Most users find that they only need to categorize a handful of apps and websites that they use particularly often during their first week of using Rize.

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How to Categorize an App or Website

In order to categorize an app or website, simply use that app or visit that website for at least 10 seconds. After that, you should see the app or website appear in your Activity component on your daily view in your dashboard. That signifies that Rize has tracked the time you've spent on that app or website.

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You can also check your Categories component to see where that app or website was categorized. Rize comes with predefined categorization rules for several popular apps and websites. If your app or website is not included in that list, it will be categorized as Miscellaneous. You can read more about the Miscellaneous time category in the Miscellaneous and Uncategorized section.

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Changing the Category of an App or Website

You can edit the category of an app or website by clicking on the existing category of the app or website in the Categories component of your daily dashboard. Then click into the dropdown for the app or website you'd like to recategorize. From there, you can select an existing category or create a new category. The Rize dashboard may take up to a minute to reflect your changes.